About Us

Deep in the Amazon jungle, the natives regard certain frogs as the perfect weapons with which to get some tasty monkey dinner. They carefully take these gaily-colored frogs and rub their slime on their arrows and spears and lie in wait…

Here at Deadly Stealth Frogs, we like to use our own special mixture of wit, insight and, well, bitterness, to take aim at any number of appealing targets in the world today. It is not unlike slime. But in a fun way. We’re happy to see you.

Now get your head down!


Eric J. Douglas fancies himself a connoisseur of succulent cuts of extinct fish, although who knows, really. He also thinks he’s a writer. He is trying to get counseling for this, and possibly some good drugs in the bargain. As a long time resident of the wonderful land of oblivious irony known as Southern California, he hates hot weather and SUVs, misses summer thunderstorms and finds random shark attacks strangely arousing. He enjoys exploring the human experience but would rather hang out with his two cats, Zooey (not named after Deschanel) and Molly (not named after Shannon).


Gena Radcliffe has been a scourge on the online seas for over twelve years.  Described as “a female Hunter S. Thompson” and “David Sedaris with different plumbing, and slightly less gay” (though at least one of the people who told her that might have been drunk at the time), she is constantly teetering on the precipice of superstardom as a writer, if only publishing contracts fell out of the sky.  She grew up in New Jersey, where the jokes just write themselves.  She invites you to follow her on Twitter or become e-pals on Facebook, where she will almost certainly add you back.

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