The comedic stylings of G. Gordon Liddy

rottentomato“Let’s hope that the key conferences aren’t when she’s menstruating or something, or just before she’s going to menstruate. That would really be bad. Lord knows what we would get then.”~~convicted felon G. Gordon Liddy, on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor

Get it?? Because you know how broads are, they’re moody, especially when they’re dealing with that period nonsense every month.  It doesn’t matter that Sotomayor is in her fifties and is probably postmenopausal, all these chicks are the same, especially when they’re on the rag.  This is a joke nobody has ever made before when it comes to women in power, G. Gordon Liddy is a comedy pioneer.  Maybe she’ll need a soap opera and bon bons break every day, and will demand a recess because she’s feeling fat.  Or she’ll have to stop in the middle of a judiciary briefing because she heard there’s a sale at Macy’s! Heyoooo!

In the mere three days since the announcement of Sotomayor’s nomination, there’s been such an astonishing, depressing amount of racist, sexist “criticism” about her, covering everything from pronunciation of her last name to her enjoyment of the foods of her culture to the fact that she’s a member of a group dedicated to Hispanic interests clearly means she’s dedicated to oppressing white males to this tired, old “women can’t be trusted because they have emotions” shit, that I’ve been considering disconnecting my internet, selling all of my possessions and moving to a cave.  I should have expected that no matter who Obama nominated, it would have been criticized by conservatives, in the most demeaning, childish way possible.  He could have nominated Judge Dredd and conservatives would have fought it.  Arizona senator Jon Kyl threatened to filibuster the nomination before anyone was even nominated.  The majority of Republican Congress members seem determined to dig their heels in and fight Obama on every bill and proposition that comes their way, apparently so he won’t be able to accomplish most of promises he made during his election campaign and Republicans can prove what dirty lying liars Democrats are.  It doesn’t matter that the needs of the people aren’t being met, they have a point to make, goddammit!

Nevertheless, insisting that Sotomayor isn’t an appropriate nominee for the Supreme Court because her last name is foreign (as opposed to Antonin Scalia, who’s clearly the ancestor of proud Irish immigrants who came over to the US in the 18th century–oh wait, I meant his father was born in Sicily), she likes weird foods like pig’s feet and rice and beans instead of all-American hot dogs and hamburgers, she cares about other people of her own ethnicity and, of course, being female she’ll constantly be bitchy and/or crying over nothing is so beneath contempt that I feel a little dirty just repeating it here.  The fact that this is honestly the best they can come up with is so pathetic it’s a little amusing, and yet it’s not because if people like Rush Limbaugh and the increasingly mentally unstable Glenn Beck keep chugging along on the “Obama is actively working against the interests of middle-class White America” trip, it’s going to drive a further wedge between already shaky at best race relations in the country.  I know and most likely anybody reading this right now knows that Obama isn’t working on a plan to herd hard-working, salt of the earth white people into a compound somewhere in Wyoming, turning the rest of the country into Welfarevania, but there are a few Joe the Plumber types who do, and that’s a few too many for my comfort.


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