The womanly art of landing you a man, 1950s style

I’m lazy and didn’t want to inflict upon you yet another seven or eight paragraphs of my meanderings to start the weekend, so instead I’m sharing with you one of my favorite educational/promotional films of the 40s and 50s, Young Man’s Fancy.

Produced by the hilariously named Jam Handy Films, Young Man’s Fancy is a half hour advertisement for electric kitchen appliances (because, yes, even by 1952 housewives still had to be sold on the idea of not having to spend half your day cooking and the other half manually cleaning up afterwards) disguised as a meant to be cute sitcom about a teenager struck by puppy love over her brother’s college buddy.  Despite her brother’s suspiciously possessive insistence that his pal is “quite a woman hater” who “doesn’t have time for girls,” she sets immediately upon capturing his heart.  Her mother comes up with the most cleverest of schemes, instructing the girl to both make him a homecooked meal and to feign vacuously grinning, totally insincere interest in his hobbies, which include something called “time study” and explaining in exhaustive detail why electric dishwashers are superior to doing dishes by hand.  Does her plan work? Watch and learn see, ladies!

Part two can be seen here.  Enjoy a view of the 1950s as, according to my late father, they never were.


2 Responses to “The womanly art of landing you a man, 1950s style”

  1. The MST2K treatment of this short is, imo, the funniest MST2K ever did. (“Take your kitchen. Ever notice anything about it?” “It’s a prison?”)

  2. That’s one of my favorite shorts from them. “My dad’s a swell guy, you’ll like him.” “Just don’t use his razor, he goes ballistic.”

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