Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out

Before I go on, let me cover my own ass by saying I absolutely do not endorse doing this to anyone you dislike for real.  This is strictly a symbolic gesture, I repeat, THIS IS STRICTLY A SYMBOLIC GESTURE.  Cops tend to frown upon such things, even if they happen to agree with your opinion.

That being said, Lisa at My Ecdysis has named tomorrow, January 20, Bush’s last day in office praise be to God, Throw Your Shoe at Bush Day.

I figured I’d get an early start.


Again, this is a symbolic gesture, I don’t expect it to have much more of an effect than when everybody (Yr. Pal included) took pictures holding signs reading ‘WE’RE SORRY’ after the 2004 election.  Still, there’s been much debate recently over how public opinion on George W. Bush will change over time, that history will prove he really wasn’t as incompetent as he seemed to be, despite that 22% approval rating as his presidency ends, the lowest since they started recording such a thing.  I’m willing to bet at least half of the people in that 22% have been spending the last two years floating around on a yacht off of St. Lucia, without access to newspapers or television that shows what a horrendous mess he’s made, so I’m not even really counting them.  I doubt schools or airports are going to be clamoring to be renamed for a president who seemed determined to go against the will of his constituents as often as possible.  Oliver Stone’s W. is probably as sympathetic a portrayal as we’ll ever see of the man who to this day refuses to take any responsibility for the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.  The most heated debates will likely be over what disasters were his direct responsibility, and what can be blamed on his corrupt staff.

Stupidity can be forgiven.  Arrogance cannot, not without an apology, which I doubt we will ever get from Bush directly.  The truth is, he’s not that stupid.  An apology can be construed as an admission of guilt, after all.  So I’m making this albeit somewhat silly gesture as an acknowledgment that I’m not going to forget, that time isn’t going to gloss  things over for the Bush Presidency, that hopefully this will be the worst it will ever get for American leadership.

If you want to participate in the shoe throw, post a picture of your footwear of choice on your blog, then link to it at the post at My Ecdysis.  Singing ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye’ or ‘Hit the Road, Jack’ is optional but encouraged.


One Response to “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out”

  1. “Don’t go away mad, just go away!”


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