A temporary reprieve from snarkiness

Found through Feministe and Fetch Me My Axe, a collection is underway for funeral expenses for Duanna Johnson, a transgendered African-American woman found murdered earlier this week in Memphis.  Ms. Johnson was at the center of a police brutality case last summer, when Officer Bridges McRae, angered that she wouldn’t respond to being called “faggot” and “he-she,” was videotaped assaulting her.  McRae eventually lost his job over the incident.  Duanna Johnson was shot to death sometime after midnight Sunday, the case is currently under investigation with no suspects identified as of yet.

Expenses to give Duanna a proper funeral total $1,200, so far a little over half has been collected through donations.  If you can spare any funds, please make a contribution by PayPal at this website.  The funeral will not take place unless it is paid for up front, and Duanna’s family is unable to afford it on their own.

EDIT 11/15: they’ve received more than four times the amount needed in donations, thanks to all who helped.  Any funds remaining after Duanna’s funeral will go to her family.


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