‘Law & Order: Special Scumbags Unit’

Lori Drew, who has a lock on Unrepentant Cocksucker of the Year for 2008, may get a break on her trial for committing internet fraud that allegedly led to the suicide of 13 year-old Megan Meier: the judge in the case is deeming evidence of Meier’s suicide irrelevant.

“I don’t necessarily think the suicide is relevant to the crime charged,” Wu said, adding he thought details of Meier’s death would unfairly prejudice the jury. He said he planned to announce his final decision Friday.

Though technically Wu is correct, this ruling will make the trial a disheartening waste of taxpayers’ time. Even with a jury trial, without Meier’s suicide being mentioned as the result of Drew’s online shenanigans (to refresh your memory, this delightful individual, a 49 year-old woman, created a fake persona on MySpace to taunt and harass a classmate of her daughter’s she knew to be emotionally unstable), it’s likely that Drew, if found guilty, will get smacked with anything more than a fine. How they were able to find jurors who didn’t know at least the basic details of the case in the first place is a mystery to me, then again I was dubious at jurors’ claims to not know who O.J. Simpson was either.

Undoubtedly, Megan Meier’s parents have a wrongful death suit in the works, wherein Drew’s defense lawyer can portray their daughter as a depressed nutcase and claim them negligent in her death, and I can continue hating humanity.


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