Palin, she’s so hot this year

Glamour, without whom women would never get to read such hard-hitting journalistic endeavors as ‘Pale Lips vs. Red Lips’ and ‘The Cutest Puppies Ever!’, apparently has a bit of a girl-crush on former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.  Editor Cindi Leive positively gushed over her at an election night party with the kind of enthusiasm seventh graders reserve for their new BFFs.

Personally, I think she is a gifted politician. She’s a great communicator. She’s a magnetic personality. I don’t see how you can discount that.

Leive also doesn’t quite understand what all the fuss is about over Palin’s “pay for it yourself, whore” stance on rape kits.

It’s anti-women, if you’re a feminist…It doesn’t seem anti-women to her. I don’t know. I’m not any more offended by her having those views than I am by any man holding those same views, and in the end, I think it’s a good thing to have more women out there with alternate political views. I just think that expands our ideas of what women are capable of.

Watch the point as it bounces gently off of Leive’s head like a brightly colored beach ball before being carried off by the wind. So because Palin believed that it wasn’t anti-women made it…not anti-women? I’m not really sure where Leive was going with this, other than seemingly declaring herself not a feminist, which isn’t surprising when you consider she edits a magazine where one half of it is dedicated to “dressing thin” and the other half is devoted to tips for landing a man. I’m not sure it’s all that revolutionary for a woman to have “alternate political views” that are just sexist and male-pandering, Camille Paglia’s been spouting that kind of garbage for years. The only difference is that she’s upfront and honest with her own misogyny, while Palin pushed it with a wink and a smile at the camera.

Leive, probably after tossing back a couple more mojitos, then pulls the “OMG UR JUS JELIS” card to explain why Palin didn’t connect with a lot of women, comparing her to another favorite American homemaker.

The glee with which some women are jumping on her demise kind of turns me off. It reminds me of Martha Stewart…Back in the day when she first had her TV show, there were a lot of women who just loved to hate on Martha Stewart. And on some level it always seemed like they were feeling put down by her choices. Here’s this woman who’s stenciling her mantle. It makes you as a woman feel like you’re not woman enough if you’re not stenciling your mantle. A man encounters Bob Vila and he doesn’t think, ‘Who is this A-hole rebuilding his deck? I don’t have time to rebuild my deck! How dare he tell me to do that!’ A guy would just turn the channel, you know. And women should be able to do that, too. Why do you feel like that’s a referendum on how you live your life? Women take Sarah Palin’s choices really personally.

While they were both hyped by the media as the “perfect woman,” poised, graceful and always putting family first with nary a hair out of place, it’s a bit of a reach to compare dislike over Martha Stewart’s decoupage and wallpapering skills to the rancor felt for Sarah Palin wanting to relieve her fellow women of the ability to choose whether or not to have an abortion, or penalizing rape victims before they even get a chance to see the inside of a courthouse.  I suspect that women are going to be chided over our Mean Girls-like treatment of Palin for months, perhaps even years to follow, as pundits insist that under the noble gestures and goals of feminism lies a veritable snake pit of hypocrisy and self-righteousness.  They’d be right, to a certain extent–feminists are some of the biggest hypocrites you’ll ever meet, particularly in the areas of parenting and religion, and I consider myself a feminist.  Criticism of Sarah Palin for working in every way possible against the needs of women isn’t “jealousy” or self-righteousness, however, it’s simply looking out for each other, and it doesn’t get more feminist than that.


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