Continue to stay classy, PeTA

Ingrid Newkirk, president of PeTA and amongst the very fruitiest of fruitbats, gave an interview to Mother Jones in which she unapologetically defends using naked women to draw attention to veganism, because the best way to get men to lay off the cheeseburgers is to show them a big old pair of titties.

It’s a biological fact, isn’t it, that people are drawn to breasts and whathaveyou, it’s just a biological fact. Maybe if everyone walked around naked it wouldn’t be so appealing. But it does, for example, when Alicia Silverstone did a very beautiful, tasteful, ‘naked’ TV spot for us it went everywhere because everyone wanted to take a look. But when people came to the web site, after they saw her commercial, they then were confronted with the facts about why she’s a vegetarian. So when people come to the web site to gawk, they actually get an education.

Right.  Immediately after they finish masturbating they wipe themselves off and then set about ridding their homes of all the hot dogs and chicken nuggets.  You have to credit Newkirk, she manages the rare double play of managing to insult both women and men in the same interview by essentially stating that women’s bodies are an excellent tool to get a message across, and men are too stupid to receive that message any other way.  Don’t waste time explaining the health benefits of cutting meat out of your diet or elaborating on the cruelties inflicted upon animals in farms and factories, show them some skin and make them think that if they donate a dollar a week to PeTA they’ll soon be up to their eyeballs in vegetarian poontang.  Don’t forget to tell them that people on meat-free diets “taste better,” if you get my drift, gigglegigglesnerk.  That’s a particular favorite reason smug “activists” give to endorse a vegan lifestyle, when “your arteries won’t harden” and “you won’t weigh 360 pounds” doesn’t work, conjuring up some sort of horrific “Pepsi Challenge” scenario.  It doesn’t matter why you’re supporting a particular cause, just that you become another member of the self-righteous chorus.

 And yeah, yeah, it’s not “exploitation” if the women involved are consenting to be photographed naked, occasionally caged or trussed up like a pig about to be sent to slaughter, but it’d be nice for Newkirk to cut the crap and at least admit that PeTA’s models, as well as “spokespersons” like Alicia Silverstone, Pamela Anderson and Dita Von Teese act as nothing more than human billboards for the cause.  “Spokesbodies” would be a more accurate title, let’s not kid ourselves with this “they’re educating people” shit.  Nobody cares why Pamela Anderson doesn’t eat meat, she could be publically endorsing the skinning of newborn babies and all anyone would notice is those grotesque protuberances coming out of her chest.  Nobody wants to hear Dita Von Teese extol the virtues of tofu burgers, they want to see her stretched out nude on a (fake) fur rug and deep-throating a zucchini. 

Barely 25% of vegetarians are male, the percentage is even smaller for vegans, and men are far more likely to eventually give it up due to societal pressures that deem it unmasculine to not eat meat.  Clearly the “nudity as social activism” approach isn’t having the desired effect Newkirk claims it does, other than to continue generating largely negative publicity.  Perhaps it could be acknowledged that many men are capable of both reading and processing information in a careful and intelligent manner, rather than falling into homina homina homina fits at the sight of some bared flesh.  Then you could try simply offering factual evidence of why a vegan diet may be superior to a meat-eating diet, rather than resorting to college frat house stunts like having two girls shower together on a street corner, saving the environment by conserving water.  Appealing to supposed base, animal instincts seems a bit incongruous if you’re truly trying to raise awareness of animal rights.



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