Dewey Defeats Truman: the sequel

John McCain: war hero…man of action…political maverick…psychic? Yes, if you caught this ad that was placed on The Wall Street Journal‘s website this morning.

Let me point out, if you haven’t picked up a newspaper or watched television, that this debate actually takes place tonight.  A second ad somehow managed to quote McCain campaign manager Rick Davis as saying “McCain won the debate–hands down.” Hell, if they’re that confident why don’t they place ads reading MCCAIN: GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER or, better yet, OBAMA CAMPAIGN=EPIC FAIL? Both ads were quickly yanked, but here’s a screenshot of the first for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of the The Washington Post.  This seems to be yet another hilarious, yet head into brickwall-worthy blunder committed on McCain’s behalf, like the “‘Lipstick on a pig?’ Never heard of it” debacle and the “Sarah Palin is too delicate to answer to the press” bullshit.  One wonders if his publicity team employs covert operatives from the opposing force, since they seem so intent on making him look like a horse’s ass.

Regardless, be sure to catch tonight’s debate, when afterwards McCain will reveal tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers and whether or not Brad and Angelina will stay together.


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