The New York Post dislikes Obama, supports animal killers

The New York Post, which makes The Weekly World News look like The Guardian, ran an interview in yesterday’s issue with Joseph Petcka, currently on trial for murdering his ex-girlfriend’s cat in a fit of rage.  Despite the gruesome details of the cat’s injuries–a broken leg, broken ribs, shattered teeth, blood in its lungs–reporter Andrea Peyser writes a bizarrely, creepily admirable take on Petcka, describing him as an “uncomplicated” Marlboro Man-type, while the ex-girlfriend was “a woman he could never understand,” and the cat was “a little furball” who “hated his guts.”

While Petcka is not denying kicking the animal to death while wearing steel-toed boots, the 205 pound, 6’2″ ex-minor league baseball player is claiming it was in defense after the 7 pound, declawed cat tried to attack him.  Not surprisingly, this is not making him a popular public figure right now, which Peyser claims is a “Kafkaesque” shame. 

Oddly, Petcka only learned Norman died from his blows two weeks later, when a cop arrived at the restaurant where he worked, and cuffed him.

He lost his job. He couldn’t find acting work. He worked for a time in a Connecticut restaurant. But always, word of the cat-killing followed him.

Indeed, how odd that his ex-girlfriend wouldn’t want to contact him directly after he killed her beloved pet, clearly there must be something shady going on there.  And what a pity that no one wants anything to do with a man who treats a declawed cat like a soccer ball, then has the audacity to claim with a straight face that he felt threatened by it.  The Post rarely even attempts to try for unbiased reporting, but Peyser’s own cat-hating stance rings through at an especially obnoxious level here, when she notes that the one good thing in Petcka’s life right now is his new girlfriend, who has “a great dog.”  The article ends with her final thoughts on this “loony” trial.

 He killed a cat! Can’t this guy get a break?

I can’t really type much further because my hands keep curling into a “choke a bitch” stance, but I do pity the Post‘s mailroom staff at this moment.  If you’d like to join in the chorus you can write Peyser directly at


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