Stay classy, PeTA

Grab yourself a rack of ribs and read about the latest bit of controversy courtesy of PeTA.  Or rather, skip the ribs, because it’s pretty fucking repulsive.  PeTA, second only to fundamentalist Christianity for containing the largest number of batshit, hypocritical windbags, is capitalizing on a horrifying murder in Canada to promote their cause in a new ad.

Manitoba. An innocent young victim’s throat is cut . . . His struggles and cries are ignored. The man with the knife shows no emotion . . . The victim is slaughtered and his head cut of . . . His flesh is eaten. It still goes on!

O you see what they did thar? To clarify, on July 30th near Manitoba, in a random act of violence that sounds like it came straight out of a Stephen King novel, 40 year-old Vince Weiguang Li, a schizophrenic immigrant from China, attacked and killed 22 year-old Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus, stabbing and beheading him (details are here, and not for the faint-hearted).  While McLean’s screams were not in fact ignored (the driver and a number of passengers fought to keep Li confined to the bus until police arrived), PeTA’s stance is that we shouldn’t find the act shocking, because the same crimes are committed against cows and pigs every day, while we idly enjoy the benefits.  For all we care we might as well be eating a big slab of Tim McLean himself, because really, it’s no worse than killing a chicken.

Yes.  Well.  I do believe PeTA has hit a new low point, in what is already a veritable Mariana Trench of low points.  Let’s have a brief retrospective of their other worst hits, shall we?

  • Publically stating that they were against using animals for medical testing, even if it could help in discovering a cure for AIDS and diabetes.
  • In wake of another murder case in Canada, in which serial killer Robert Pickton may have mixed in the human flesh of his victims with pork products he prepared and gave to friends, minimizing the act by in essence stating that if Pickton’s friends weren’t filthy meat eaters in the first place, it would never have happened.
  • Using donated funds to contribute to the North American Liberation Front, an FBI-verified domestic terrorist group known for bombing medical research buildings and making death threats.
  • Publically stating that they are against animals being used in service of any kind, even to the blind.
  • Targeting elementary school-age children with propaganda that reads “Your Mommy Kills Animals!”
  • Comparing the slaughter of pigs to the Holocaust.
  • Publically exploiting a nearly nude pregnant woman in some other muddled comparison between humans and animals (link NSFW).
  • Creating an ad campaign geared towards college students that encouraged them to drink beer instead of milk.
  • When comparing pork chops to 6,000,000 murdered Jews doesn’t work, falling back on getting B-list celebrities like Dita Von Teese to pose naked for their advertisements and sponsoring “nude runs” as publicity stunts.
  • Harassing and attacking public figures who wear fur, such as Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who received a package containing maggot-ridden animal innards at her office.
  • Using Pamela Anderson as their spokesperson and expecting anyone to take them seriously.
  • Oh yeah, and most importantly, being so against the idea of animals being kept as pets that they killed at least 90% of the dogs, cats and kittens brought to their Virginia-based facility in the past five years.  I think that bears repeating: over ninety percent.

As you can see, it’s pretty hard to top that list of offenses, but by God, it looks like they’ve really done it this time, though it’s hard to imagine any new converts to the cause coming out of this.  The fact that they actually attempted (unsuccessfully, thank goodness) to get the ad published in a Manitoba newspaper minimizes their chances even further, so it’s likely soon they’ll have to revert to their old standby of having someone like Christy Turlington photographed naked with a cucumber shoved up her ass and the words EAT YOUR VEGGIES just below that, or something equally tasteful. 

If there’s one thing that animals do have over humans, it’s that they aren’t strident and obnoxious about getting your attention.  If a cat wants you to notice him, he won’t show you a photograph of a female cat spread-eagled wearing only a strategically placed lettuce leaf, he’ll come up and rub his head against you.  Cats, dogs, chickens, cows, they don’t continually embarrass themselves in the name of some increasingly unclear “cause” (the killing animals as preferable to adopting them out as pets thing is about as baffling to me as trying to watch Mulholland Drive on heavy doses of NyQuil).  Sure, they may lick their own genitalia and happily roll around in their own filth, but you’ll never hear a chicken say with a straight face that beer is a healthier option for a college student than milk.  Okay, granted, you won’t actually hear a chicken say anything (because they’re fucking chickens, and don’t serve a purpose other than providing food to other animals, including but not limited to humans), but I think my point is still valid.  Animals are equal to humans? In this case they’re our superiors.

Oh, and speaking of lower life forms, naturally Westboro Baptist Church had to have their say on the McLean murder as well.

I hope you all have a pleasant weekend.  I’ll be busy continuing to hate people.


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